Happy Monday or Knock, Knock... Someone's at the Door?

Is it freaky... stare at me, stare at me!
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  1. It is freaky because clowns are just creepy...

  2. it's true, clowns induce both tears and fears...

  3. Whoa… now that conjures up more than one good story!

    Now it's my turn to eat a very big piece of humble pie (on the menu more than I'd like) and say a sincere "sorry" for wearing my invisibility cloak whenever I drop by… seems when I wear it and leave a comment it never appears. Bad Jenny, Bad!

    I've tossed the cloak to the floor, I've hammered out this comment… and now, I'll press send… and then go for the cloak… seems I always get the order wrong. Hope this shows up!!!

    Smiles coming your way!


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