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Wolves and the Eating of the Sheep!

Been several months since an update, really just stopping in... tell you all who might stop over, also you don't need to leave a comment... really here just to say "hello"... so "hello". So my life took a turn, got separated from my wife [6 months ago] and most recent divorced... while working a part-time job... no benefits and nothing on the job horizon... struggling to survive.  

Standing in a room of strangers, being told you... you are a bad person, when you know you are not... it's more of a change of life choices. I have and always have been a creative person, living my life in design and creating things... things that I either got paid to do or things I designed to better suit me or those who needed it... I never took advantage of anyone...  Now here I am pushing 50, starting over... not that I am the only one... just it's now happening to me... am I ready, nope. I wish I had a better plan, I have turned to my art... lots of it... going to make it work... not my art, my life.

So this "hello" is more of me just wanting to talk, I know... I know, more me pouring my injured heart out... I have forgotten some of my greatest friends are here in the blog world, though this "blogging" thing has changed so much... so many "deleted" sites... we are all one, sharing our thoughts... our interests... ours souls....

We are all human... some are the wolves and the eating of the sheep!



  1. Sorry to hear about the divorce and your struggles.
    Never to old to reinvent yourself, to try something completely new.
    Prayers for a ton of blessings to come your way.
    Things are a little different here, but there are still a ton of great people and good friends.

  2. Jeremy, you are not a bad person, and I'm glad you know that. Hang in there.

  3. I was with my husband for 16 years before we separated and, even though it was amicable, it was still so very tough. It is the death of a marriage and one we used to love. My best friend is going through a horrible separation which has been 2 yrs and still going. No matter what the reasons it is tough and, I bet, men do take a beating because they are automatically looked on as the bad one. It’s a shame but most men have an uphill battle. Anyhoo, we are here even if it is just for fun. Creativity is what one needs when one goes through tough times so continue on that and I hope you find a full time job soon because marital breakdown is one of the toughest financial wise. Thinking of you...

  4. Jeremy, I'm sorry! Life does NOT end at 50. It begins. Cling to that.

  5. Keep going Jeremy, life is full of adventure, friendship and surprises.


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